Even Don Cherry Has No Explanation For The Canucks. But I Do. It’s the Curse of Michael Buble.

During the March 8th episode of Don Cherry’s Coach’s Corner, at approximately the 2:00 minute mark, Grapes starts uttering these words.

“How did the Vancouver Canucks, from three years ago could go from the President’s Trophy, 7th game, to there is an absolute shame.”

Seriously Don? Did you NOT know that the night before the 7th game in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals I cursed the Vancouver Canucks?? This is The Curse of Michael Buble!!!

So if Don Cherry has no explanation for how the Canucks can have dropped so fast and to such depths, all he has to do is google “The Curse of Michael Buble.”

2 thoughts on “Even Don Cherry Has No Explanation For The Canucks. But I Do. It’s the Curse of Michael Buble.

  • March 9, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Buble was only speaking the truth,the Canucks are Vancouver’s team,and probably are supported by most BC’ers, but hardly “Canada’s Team”.

    I always found it the height of hubris when the TORONTO Blue Jays declared themselves,”Canada’s Team”, as I did when the Dallas Cowboys declared themselves “America’s Team”.

    It may sound good PR-wise, but it doesn’t reflect reality.

    Ironically, the most “Vancouver” player in the final 2011 round , born, raised,and played all his minor hockey in Vancouver, Milan Lucic, helped the Bruins defeat the Canucks. In their wisdom, the Canucks chose the long departed Michael Grabner over Lucic in the 2006 draft.

    The Canucks are a textbook example of bad management hiring,and now,bad coaching. It doesn’t take long to destroy a sports team, or a business, if the owners/shareholders hire people who have no idea how to manage that enterprise.

    While the “Buble curse” is an amusing idea,I think it must be the Hockey God’s curse, which started on Day one of the very first entry draft the two expansion teams ,Buffalo and Vancouver participated in: Buffalo won the toss,and took one of the all-time greats,Gilbert Perrault,while we got the modestly talented Dale Tallon second overall.

    It’s been a steady plateau of mediocrity ever since,with a few anomalies in 84,94,and 2011. Now the team is sliding back to it’s natural position,in the bottom half of the watered-down NHL.

    If we live long enough, we may see another “2011” one day.

  • March 10, 2014 at 10:15 am

    There are two reasons why the Canucks are in the situation they are in:
    1. Their useless Manager, Mike Gillis, who hasn’t made a decent deal since he got hired, but has made countless amateur ones.
    2. Ownership, for hiring him and then not having the balls to fire him after the last 2 seasons of goalie dramatics.

    The chain of events of the last few years proves beyond doubt that the only reason the Canucks did so well in previous years was due 100% to AV’s coaching.Period.


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