Legislated to Death…or at Least into the Poorhouse


January 1st, 2013 was an amazingly sad day for Californians.  They had over 800 new laws to abide by.


That’s 2 over 2 laws per day of the year.

How does a state pass that many laws?  Where do they find the time?

The “Why do they pass this many?” question is easy.  It’s a cash grab.  Most of these laws have fines.

I am taking this opportunity to iterate my firm belief that for every new law created, legislatures should need to remove 2 old ones.  It’s the only way our freedom will be returned.  At this rate, we will not be able to breathe without the state endorsing it.

My prediction:  By 2050 there will be a law to tell you how many breaths you can take and everyone will be legally required to wear one of those work out monitors that uses bluetooth to communicate to our bioembedded cellular device that tattles to the state if we breathe too much.

Californians are OfficiallyScrewed.