Captain Watertown, AKA Ottawa Councillor Rick Chiarelli Digs Himself A Deeper Hole

First he proposed changing the name of Robertson Rd. siting no objection after some polling of local businesses.

Then when businesses said they were never asked and the petition was started to keep Robertson Rd. as it is, he said he had the blessing of a descendant of Robertson to change the name.

Then when a different descendant came forward, he could not produce his key descendant to give the aok to the name change.

Now Captain Watertown, aka Councillor Rick Chiarelli says that Robertson Rd. will stay Robertson Rd. but an additional section that is Richmond Rd. will also change names.

The problem here is that the section of Richmond Rd. that will become part of Robertson Rd. is at the end of Robertson Rd. that starts with the number 1. This means every business along the existing Robertson Rd. will need to be renumbered.

One of the two main arguments for not changing the name was the fact that addresses would change, businesses would have to rebrand stationary, invoices, cheques, etc and inform dozens, hundreds or even thousands of customers and suppliers of the address changes. What a waste. These businesses are all being Officially Screwed and will have to do this now anyway. The solution to this problem is easy. Leave the street names as is and put up some clear signage indicating the street name change.

I mean, let’s get serious for a minute. The street changes names several times from Stittsville/Kanata all the way to downtown where it goes from Hazeldean to Robertson to Richmond to Wellington to Somerset. It’s been good enough for 100 years, it will be good enough for another 100.

But worse now for Captain Watertown is that Chiarelli must produce the descendant of Robertson or forever be known as a councillor who tried to deceive not only the existing City Council, but every citizen in the city of Ottawa. To not do so will scar his reputation forever.

2 thoughts on “Captain Watertown, AKA Ottawa Councillor Rick Chiarelli Digs Himself A Deeper Hole

  • July 1, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    It’s amazing how at the whim of one city councillor hundreds of businesses could be financially screwed. In the name of what?? The entire council (with a couple of exceptions) is so corrupt, they violated their own commemorative policy and did not even bother to look at the map to see how absurd was Chiarelli’s “change”.

  • January 12, 2012 at 2:01 am

    Pretty boneheaded stuff. I’m all for honouring the dead, but that’s what new streets are for. (That and driving.)

    What’s the “Captain Watertown” thing about?

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