RIM’s Playbook Makes Like An Android Offering Best of Two Worlds

As many of you know, I occasionally stretch outside politics to give picks or pans. In this case I am bringing great news to Playbook owners (like me).

RIM has been demo-ing a new Android App Player on the Playbook at Blackberry World. This is an app that will let you play Android Apps on the Playbook. The app would need to be recompiled by the developers with a plug in RIM has developed for the Android development software and occasionally would need a tweek to run on the Playbook but it looks like an easy way for app developers to increase exposure to the Playbook owners.

What it also does is expand RIM’s Playbook application list. Right now the list is small compared to Apple’s App World, but the Google Android application list will surpass Apple’s in August, 2011.

This means that RIM will likely have access to more apps than Apple very soon. In any case, the access to apps for Playbook users is about to jump dramatically which is a good thing.

Hit the jump to view the video demo.

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