Annual NCAA Basketball Bracket Challenge

As many of you know, all politics and no sports makes Steve a dull boy. So as I do every year, I will be running an NCAA men’s basketball March Madness bracket challenge.

I usually get about 7 entrants so in an effort to do better I am opening this pool up to the public. Feel free to click the link below to join the pool. Note it is run completely online via Yahoo Fantasy sports and is strictly for fun and bragging rights.

I will try to make it a bit interesting by saying if we get 50 entrants, I will order the winner an baseball hat and if we hit 100 entrants I will give first place an T-Shirt and the second place entrant an baseball hat. NOTE: to collect a prize you must provide your email address so I can confirm who you are afterwards.

I know, I know, big spender!!! We ARE in a recession so cut me some slack. 🙂

To join, simply click the link below and go deal with the Yahoo application process if you are not already signed up as a Yahoo user.

Feel free to invite any friends or family you have.

Important Dates: Sunday March 13th at 5 or 6pm – Brackets are set live on CBS.
Thursday March 17th – noon – First tip off. Your brackets MUST be completely selected through to the championship BEFORE the first game tips off. This is important. DO NOT SIMPLY SELECT THE FIRST ROUND.

Use the comments to ask questions and good luck.