The Revenge of E-Health – Californians May Suffer The Consequences

All I can say to my friends in California is a quote from the movie “The Fly” starring Jeff Goldblum.

“Be afraid…be very afraid.”

From The Toronto Star

Kramer, who came under fire at eHealth for runaway spending by consultants and her $317,000 severance package, is executive director of a team bringing electronic health records to the UCLA Health System’s patients in four hospitals and clinics with 2,000 doctors. She is working as a consultant, and is not on staff.

Kramer is part of what the University of California at Los Angeles billed as “an exceptional team of experts” in an online publication Monday.

When Kramer left eHealth as chief executive in the spring of 2008, her golden parachute fuelled outrage from opposition parties and the public.

It was later revealed Kramer gave a speech that cost $25,000 to write and that eHealth gave out $16 million in contracts without competitive bidding in efforts to get electronic health records in place as quickly as possible.

Californian Tax Payers might just be … OfficiallyScrewed.

h/t to Shirley for this one.