Where Do They Vote?

This morning, as usual, I watched the recording of last night’s episode of The Colbert Report. (not the Canadian Blogger Brent Colbert, but the Comedic Journalist Stephen Colbert).

His guest was the Reverend Jesse Jackson. The topic was primarily New Orleans.

Jackson was going on about how Iraqi’s in the USA could vote via satellite in the Iraqi elections, but displaced New Orleans residents will not be able to vote by satellite for representation in New Orleans in the upcoming elections.

I assume this means that Katrina survivors scattered across the country will be voting where they are currently residing.

I am not personally for or against the satellite voting, but my only concern would be ensuring that no one casts more than one ballot. Jackson said he thinks on site same day registration should be possible too.

Let me refresh your memory on the onsite registration process we have in Canada.

It Sucks!! And Proof It Sucks!!

So if the Americans do move to onsight registration, I hope they don’t use ours as an example.