Quebec LIBERALS Push Provincial Portion Of Sales Tax To A Whopping 9.5%

This is what $7/day daycare gets you.

I am a big proponent of making sure each level of government pays for the programs it wants to see and Quebec has quite obviously been a bit left of center compared to the rest of Canada. Seeing them raise the Provincial portion of their harmonized sales tax to pay for the lifestyle they want makes me happy because hopefully it means I won’t have to pay for their lifestyle.

Brian Mulroney took one on the chin (no cheap shot intended) when he brought in the GST, but what I liked about two separate taxes was that they let us see which government was raising or lowering taxes.

So consider this post my way of shouting out to everyone in Quebec. It was a LIBERAL government that raised your taxes.

Meanwhile back in Ottawa, their federal LIBERAL cousins are working hard to keep Conservatives from CUTTING taxes.

Quebec taxpayers getting OfficiallyScrewed at the till by Liberals.