Barack Obama Wins Miss Universe Pageant

BarryO-BeachIn an unprecedented situation, President Barack Obama has followed up his Nobel Peace Prize by winning the Miss Universe Pageant despite the fact that he a) is a man and b) did not enter the contest.

Pageant officials addressed the fact that President Obama is not a woman with the following statement:

We understand that the President has a Y chromosome, but we feel that this was an aberration that was beyond his control and should he have received the X chromosome from his father at conception, he would have been an incredibly attractive woman. And the judges feel his charisma has been clearly demonstrated in his numerous speeches, and his desire to “save the world” would put him on par with Miss Algeria, Miss Greece, Miss Spain, Miss New Zealand, Miss Brazil, Miss Guatemala, etc. Additionally, we know he looks great in evening wear and his beach photo’s demonstrate he would perform admirably in the swimsuit competition.

Congratulations President Illinois!!