Ontario Liberals Blow YOUR Dough

In what is a classic example of the taxpayer being OfficiallyScrewed, the Ontario Liberal government is diving for cover today after two years worth of OLG expenses are revealed indicating that write offs on our tax tab included the following:

  • gym memberships worth $250
  • Weight Watchers memberships
  • club link golf fees
  • a $1,500 bar tab at a $3,700 dinner for 38 people
  • a $500 nanny fee so that a vice-president member could attend meetings, an amount since repaid

Simply disgusting.

And acting like the knight riding in to rescue us tax payers, Liberal Dwight Duncan is shedding political tears over this and vowing to clean up.  Shame on us.  We are going to send ourselves to our rooms with no dinner.  No dessert for us.

Boo freaking hoo.  I am astounded even more by two other pieces of information that have come to light about this OLG Scandal.

1)  The OLG was issuing untendered contracts.  The same way the $6 Billion dollar E-Health scandal had.


2)  All this is following a slew of other problems with the OLG.

The gaming corporation has been scrutinized for the last two years after questionable insider wins, malfunctioning slot machines, spoiled scratch-and-win tickets and a controversial decision to purchase foreign cars as lottery prizes at a time when the Ontario government agreed to a financial bailout for its struggling auto industry.

The OLG should just fold itself up and go home.