Man Charged In Terrorist Bombing Synagogue Hired (And Then Fired) At Canadian University

OfficiallyScrewed is an understatement for this one.

Carleton University has searched high and low, near and far, day and night to fill a teaching spot for an introductory sociology course. But alas, the qualifications must have been tough because out of a nation of about 30 million citizens, they chose to hire an alleged terrorist charged with killing 4 people in the 1980 bombing of a synagogue in France.

But that was 29 years ago you say? Maybe, but he was just recently charged and is under house arrest with a condition that he has to wear one of those “anklets” to track his location. He is not even allowed to get in his car and drive to the University without accompaniment.

Hassan Diab, who is charged with murdering four people in the 1980 bombing, will begin teaching a part-time introductory sociology course at Carleton University two days a week until the middle of August.

Diab, whose strict bail conditions prevent him from leaving the house alone, will be required to travel to and from the university with his common-law spouse Rania Tfaily, an Ottawa court heard Monday.

But once at the university, Diab will no longer need an escort.

What? Am I reading that last sentence correctly? Once at the university, he will no longer need an escort? Are you kidding me? The guy is charged with killing 4 people and he is welcome to roam the Carleton University campus without an escort?

Note to self: Do not let my kids attend Carleton University.

H/T: Fred

ADDENDUM: not but a few minutes after I posted, I saw this article posted on the Ottawa Sun sight a few minutes ago. Diab has lost his teaching gig.