John Stossel's Healthcare Piece – Postponed…Again

If I was a REALLY paranoid right wing extremist I might think that ABC’s decision to postpone John Stossel’s piece on the Canadian healthcare system until July 31st was because they did not want to run it when President Obama was getting pounded on his already failed attempt to push through healthcare reform before the summer break.

But I turned my PVR on this morning towatch the special because I was out last night and noted that Charlie Gibson had taken up the full hour on 20/20 with an oil/gas industry piece.  Considering many Americans have a high interest in the oil/gas industry and the reasons behind the highly fluctiating prices, I will give ABC the benefit of the doubt.   But one more delay and we won’t be so kind to the station that has regular love ins with Barry O.

If you want to read John Stossel’s view on the delay, as well as the views of his fans, you can check out his blog.