Frank McKenna Resigns As Canadian Ambassador To U.S.

Well, it was just bound to happen. With all the speculation on who would be running for the Liberal Party leadership, one of the names constantly mentioned is Frank McKenna.

Not one to disappoint, Frank McKenna submitted his resignation today to Prime Minister Designate, Stephen Harper.

There was some speculation that Harper would leave McKenna in his role for awhile, which would have prevented him from running for head honcho of the Liberals. I believe McKenna made a shrewd choice. Had he remained as ambassador and missed his shot at the brass ring of leadership, he might have been left out in the cold should Harper decide to replace a short time after the Lib convention.

Another issue that is quickly becoming big news is that the Liberal Party is in debt. Original reports were that they are only $1.9 Million in debt. But tonight on Duffy’s Countdown, he and Warren Kinsella were discussing this and the rumour is that the decimal place is out, implying the debt is closer to $19 Million.

Via Sheila Copps, we already reported on the debt as per Elections Canada here, and the total was over $34 Million.

In any case, with the new donation laws, whoever takes on the job is going to have to be popular enough to raise a lot of money in smaller increments which will make fund raising a big part of the job.