Bud Sucks! Bud Sucks!! Bud Sucks!!!

If I’ve told people once, i’ve told them a thousand times. Budweiser beer simply sucks. I mean that from a professional standpoint. This is not a personal preference. This is strictly based on fact.

If you don’t believe me, believe ratebeer.com. This site rates every beer out there. If you think a beer is obscure, I bet you find it here and it has been rated.

Well over 3000 people have rated Budweiser and it rates 0. Yes you heard me. ZERO!!! It does have a rating of 3 for style but on a scale of one to 100, it rates ZERO!!!!

So for all you Bud fans out there. Either you have not expanded your taste horizons or you simply have poor taste in beer.

Budweiser beer OfficiallySucks!!

Budweiser Rating