Thomas Mulcair Urges Chief Spence to End Hunger Strike

Spence, who has been living on a diet of fish broth, vitamins and tea since Dec. 11.  —CBC News

It is not known just how many calories Spence is ingesting, subsisting onfish broth and medicinal teas (a true hunger striker drinks only water).  —Leader Post

Spence has admitted she’s snacking, even detailing her menu (fish soup and moose soup) but that hasn’t stopped the Media Party from reporting her hunger strike as not only true, but putting the saint precariously close to death.  —Sun News

Here at we are still waiting for her to start one.

Chief Spence Moves Goal Posts…Again

 Moving The Goalposts!First she said she would be on her reduced caloric intake diet until the Prime Minister would meet with her.

He agreed to meet her and all the other band chiefs on January 11th.

Then she said she will not end her reduced caloric intake diet unless something concrete comes of Friday’s meeting.

Today it is learned that she has said she will not attend unless the Governor-General meets with her.

At this point, if I were the PM, I would back out. It is obvious nothing is going to sate this women’s appetite.

Attiwapiskat Has No Documentation for 80% of Financial Expenditures from 2005 to 2011/2012

Thanks Brigitte Pellerin!!!

A few snips.

Deloitte was commissioned by the federal government to audit the Attawapiskat books for the years 2005-2011/12. …..Deloitte cannot guarantee federal funds sent to the northern Ontario reserve are used properly. In fact, the accounting firm cannot find proper documentation for 80% of transactions…..the newspaper was unable to get Chief Theresa Spence to comment on its information.

Methinks Chief Spence is rightfully going to get OfficiallyScrewed.