PSAC Launders Tax Dollars

Joe Canadian pays taxes to government’

Government hires and pays Public Servants.

Public Servants pay union dues to PSAC, the public servants union.

PSAC pays for advertising against Steven Harper and the Conservatives, making their advertising partisan. (I heard ads running on CFRA radio here in Ottawa this week.)

i.e. PSAC is laundering money from Joe Canadian to partisan politics.

Another way, we as taxpayers, get Officially Screwed.

I Call Bulls#!/ on Carol Bowshier of the Ohio Civil Service Employee Association

This morning on Fox’s America’s Newsroom in an interview conducted by Bill Hemmer, Carol Bowshier, the chief of staff for the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association says:

Well the fact is, we could lay off every state worker in Ohio. Every police officer, every firefighter, every corrections officer and we would only close 1/4 of the $8Billion gap.

I call Bulls#!/ on Ms. Bowshier, because her assumption means the average salary of each public service employee is under $13,000 a year which we all know is simply not the case.

As Bill stated at the beginning of the interview, this would affect all 330,000 state employees.

So do the math. If the WHOLE $8Billion was being laid on the union workers (which it is not) then all we have to do is take the $8 Billion divided by 330,000 and we get a measly $24242 per employee (over 2 years meaning the actual per employee cost to eliminate the $8Billion is only $12,121 per year).

And add in the fact that the $8Billion is NOT being solely burdened by the public union workers, these austerity moves by Ohio will likely be able to put the state into a surplus situation.

Chrysler Workers Caught Drinking and Smoking Pot On Break

This video at this link is worth “300” words so go watch it.  These Chrysler workers out in the “Town & Country” of Detroit, USA were caught not being “Patriot”s.  Their moral “Compass” has gone out the window.  After their “Commander” in Chief took your tax dollars, “Ram”med legislation through congress he took those dollars, bought a big chunk of the auto industry and gave it to the unions.

Well this reporter caught these “owners” out in the parking lot on break drinking brewskis out of a brown paper bag and some appeared to be smoking pot.  What I love is watching them all “Dodge” his question and hop into their cars and take off.  Simply Priceless.

Let’s see what the Union says about this one.  I am willing to bet that major grievances are filed now that they have been suspended without pay.  Let’s see how far this goes.