Liberal Pollster Frank Graves (or Frank Graves's) Mistake

I’m NOT upset that EKOS founder and President Frank Graves donated over $11,000 to the Liberal Party, while only donating about $500 to the Conservative Party. I myself donate nothing to the Liberal Party while donating a modest amount annually to the Conservative Party (along with plenty of time and volunteer hours).

I’m NOT upset that EKOS founder and President Frank Graves made $6000 for EKOS from the government for every $1 he donated to the Liberal Party. I myself do not suckle the public teat and am proud of that. I work in the private sector, making over 99% of my revenue from private sector companies.

I AM upset that he did not have the decency to provide full disclosure that he is clearly a Liberal in sheep’s clothing EVERY time he was on the CBC providing “analysis” on his numbers.

It appears that Frank Graves is digging his political grave when he says things like:

But in an interview today with The Globe and Mail to explain his apology, Mr. Graves went on to say that polling data shows the Conservative Party “does seem to provide a haven” for people with xenophobic or homophobic views.

Remember, EKOS spelled backwards is SOKE. And SOKE the public is what Mr. Graves has been doing making most of his money off of government polling contracts.

Where There Was One, Now Stand Many

This post has nothing to do with anything I usually blog about but for 14 years I have driven onto this property and past this sign and in some fashion or other it has always held a single company name. Now the R&D Headquarters for an iconic Canadian company in Bells Corners carries the generic name “Carling Place” and hosts spaces for the names of several companies.
Carling Place

Fare thee well Nortel.

My Dedication To Earth Hour – U.S. Should Drill Baby Drill And Fix Debt To GDP Ratio

Fiscal prudence has gone out the window south of the border.

President Obama’s fiscal 2011 budget will generate nearly $10 trillion in cumulative budget deficits over the next 10 years, $1.2 trillion more than the administration projected, and raise the federal debt to 90 percent of the nation’s economic output by 2020, the Congressional Budget Office reported Thursday.

Meanwhile back at home in Canada as recent as a month ago…

“Canada’s net debt-to-GDP ratio is the lowest in the G7 economies,” said Scotiabank president and chief executive officer Rick Waugh back in February 2009. “Even with the Canadian government’s recently announced stimulus package taken into account, the net debt to GDP will remain under 30 per cent.”

With the price of oil heading north, a quick fix for the devaluation of the American dollar is to drill baby drill.

I’m just saying…

Tiger's Words Before They Are Spoken

Tiger Woods is speaking to the press Friday. My prediction on what he is going to say.

I’m sorry if I have hurt my fans. (interpret as “I am sorry if I lost my sponsors”)

I know I have hurt my wife and family. (interpret as “We’re probably through”)

I have been seeking counselling for my problem. (interpret as “This is my way of saying I am trying to fix myself…but don’t really care to do so because I had a hell of a ride…or many rides”)

I am going to get back to my career. (interpret as “The PGA is dying without me on tour so they are paying me a ton of money to come back sooner than I was expecting.”)

I look forward to doing well in the upcoming tournaments. (interpret as “My wife is taking a boatload of my money and I need to make some on tour”)

Thank you to those who supported me. (interpret as “Screw off you vultures who made jokes and laughed and poked fun at my situation.”

Battle Of Ideology Hits Ottawa City Council Over Lansdowne Live Proposal

The City of Ottawa has become a volleyball in the battle between Capitalists and Socialists over the Lansdowne Live proposal.

The left wing councilors have started lining up against the PPP put forward and they have been backed by Dippers Paul Dewar and past NDP leader Ed Broadbent. Even CUPE is running ads against the redevelopment of the decrepit Frank Clair Stadium and the surrounding area.

They say it has to do with transit. They say it has to do with local residents not wanting the traffic. They say we need more green space.

But let’s call a spade a spade. If a PPP (private public partnership) was to go forward, the majority of jobs in the Lansdowne Live end product would be private sector jobs. Jobs that are typically NON Union.

But if we let the city take control and build their own stadium (or museum or park) the jobs that will maintain it will all be … wait for it … Union jobs.

So in a nut shell. A vote for Lansdowne Live will employ people who put money INTO the municipality via taxes. And a vote against Lansdowne Live will take money OUT of the municipality via a) wages and b) typical city union benefits which exceed by miles the benefits the average private sector worker gets.

This should be interesting.

Beckbytes – Arguing With Idiots About Capitalism II

From Glenn Beck’s new book Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government comes this clip about privatization corporatization.

A.D.D. Moment – New Zealand corporatized their postal service in 1987. As Cornell professor Richard Geddes notes, that change “led to improvements in efficiency, a 40% reduction in the system’s workforce, a doubling in labor productivity, a decrease in the cost of sending a letter and a decrease in the price of a basic stamp.” And they did it all without impacting service in either rural or urban communities.

Beckbytes: Arguing With Idiots About Capitalism

From Glenn Beck’s new book Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government comes this gem on how capitalism performs when compared to socialistic government programs.

Profits=Progress: In January 2006, New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin announced 314 new public projects as part of his rebuilding effort after Katrina. Over two and a half years later, just six of them were complete. Conversely, Wal-Mart had 126 of their stores damaged in the hurricane; 110 of them were up and running within ten days.

George Carlin on Saving The Planet

This video clip is a bit dated, but considering more and more stores in Canada are starting to charge 5 cents for plastic shopping bags, I feel it is very appropriate. Al Gore and his environmentalistas could use a bit of good old fashioned George Carlin realism. Here is a perfect dose..

On the subject of charging for grocery bags, I have to say that I am all for minimizing garbage. But realistically, I can buy 100 Kitchen Catcher(tm) bags for about $5.00, or I can bring home plastic grocery bags for a nickel each. In either case I have trash bags for my kitchen for the same price. I just hate the fact that some stores are going to take the 5 cents per bag and donate it to charities that I may not want to support like the World Wildlife Fund.

Ironically, it is these same stores that send you half a pound of flyers in the mail twice a week without a single iota of environmental conscience.

Now THAT’S OfficiallyScrewed.


H/T: Nick V.