Smackdown – Chuck Strahl Raps Anita Neville On The Knuckles

When you demand someone sweep the world’s doorstep, you damn well better make sure you have swept your own doorstep.

As Chuck Strahl points out in the video below, Liberal Anita Neville doesn’t own a broom, but she sure has the guts of Dick Tracy to ask what she does.

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Smackdown – Senator Terry Stratton Lays Into Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams

In my honest opinion, Danny Williams needs to shake Newfoundland up and not shake the Federal government down.

Terry Stratton seems to agree that Williams is focussing his energy in the wrong place.

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Smackdown: Charles Adler Goes One On One With Dipper Alexa McDonough And Kicks Butt

When I asked McDonough to name one single fact in the Karzai speech that was untrue, she said this issue wasn’t about the truth. The former boss of the New Democratic Party spoke volumes with that little chestnut. Ideologues care little about the truth.

The NDP could learn a lot from the graciousness of the Afghan leader. He has far more respect for our military than the NDP does. And it isn’t because military communications people laid down a few words on a piece of paper to help him get his message across. It’s because they laid down their lives to give his people an opportunity to have a life.

I don’t know if it can be said any clearer than that.

In this interview Charles does what he does best. He puts the facts out for Alexa and she trips on them over and over and over. A must listen.

Listen to the whole interview with McDonough.


Smackdown – Charles Adler Style

A reader (thanks Trace) pointed me to this clip of Charles Adler just carving into Stephane Dion for not being able to handle himself during Oral Questions. At a time when the opposition is supposed to be holding the government accountable, this Liberal leader is, quite frankly, taking it on his glass chin.

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Double Smackdown – Liberal Marlene Jennings Slams Cookie Jar Lid On Own Hand

Today during Oral Questions, Marlene Jennings brings up patronage and in a double smackdown she gets rebuffed by both Rob Nicholson and Peter Van Loan and we learn something interesting about MRS. Jennings personal life.

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Smackdown – Deception In The House Of Commons

We wouldn’t say the deception is intentional because that would be unparliamentary of us. But MP’s Maria Minna (Lib-Beaches-East York) and Irene Mathyssen (NDP-London-Fanshawe) tried to sling some mud at the Minister of Heritage and for the Status of Women, Bev Oda, yesterday.

But as usual, the Minister gave a straight answer that 1) Smacked back the attackers and 2) displayed that the Status of Women groups that are in an uproar over the recent cuts won’t even meet with the Minister.

I find it reprehensible for two MPs to try to portray the Minister as the one who won’t meet when she has offered these groups three dates to meet and all have been rejected.

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