Rogers Separates Church and Cable

This morning, at 11:21am I received an email from Rogers Cable telling me about all the great programs on their Rogers On Demand offering. It pointed me to Holiday Fun on channel 100. Yet all 38 movies displayed are Christmas oriented. Why would they not call the category Christmas Fun?

The main page had four subcategories:

Rogers 1

I then drilled down in the Holiday Classics section:

Rogers 2 Rogers 4
(click to view larger image)

Each of them Christmas oriented.

I then popped open the Animated Favourites section to see what was available:

Rogers 6 Rogers 6 Rogers 7
(click to view larger image)

Each and every animated one a Christmas movie.

I then scanned the Santa Specials knowing what Holiday these would celebrate:

Rogers 8
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And finally the last section, Holiday Hits:

Rogers 9 Rogers 10

(Click to view larger image)

So there you have it. Thirty Eight Movies. Thirty Eight Christmas oriented movies and Rogers has the politically correct gaul to avoid calling these categories Christmas names.

This is exactly the kind of bullchips that drive me insane. I would be perfectly happy to have overlooked this whole thing if there was a single movie based on any holiday other than Christmas. In fact, for the sake of equality it would have been nice to see others there. But when each movie is Christmas oriented, have enough respect for Christians to call it a Christmas movie section.

Judge Chops Down Tree With Politically Correct Axe

I’ve had it. I’ve finally flipped my lid when it comes to political correctness.

I have spent the last two days in Toronto on business and talk radio here has been rambling on about Judge Marion Cohen’s decision to have a Christmas Tree removed from the courthouse on Jarvis Street.

The judge, who oversees administration at the courthouse, said it’s inappropriate that a Christian symbol is the first thing visitors see when they enter the building.

I have to point out that the Christmas Tree is not a Christian symbol, but a Pagan one from Germany adopted by Christians in the late 1800’s when the Queen of England put one up for her German husband.

I am waiting to see what she makes people swear to “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” on. Is the bible that many of our laws are based on to be banished next Judge Cohen? Or do you just remove the new testament?

Should Judge Cohen ascend to the highest court in the land, would she refuse to allow turbaned RCMP officers to provide security for her court or testify in it? Will she have the word God stricken from our national anthem?

I have just about had it with these politically correct situations that are not giving Canadians Freedom OF Religion but, more aptly, they are giving us Freedom FROM Religion.

Bill Carroll spoke a mouthful when he said it is crap like this that empowers those who say things like “You see? This is what they are doing to our country.”

I have started wishing EVERYone I know or run into a Merry Christmas. This includes my grocer, the Walmart greeters, the postman, police officers, the Tim Horton’s drive through personel and, yes, even judges.

I encourage you to do the same. You will be surprised at how many smiles you get compared to scowls.