Smackdown: Chuckercanuck Wakes Up Liberal Youth Across Canada

I wonder if all those ambitious wankers who sign up to their campus Liberal club have started wetting their khaki dockers over their life commitment to the Big Dreamers. What once looked like a meal ticket now’s a chump’s dead end.

Blogger ChuckerCanuck discussing what must be going through young Liberal minds after the Liberal Party popularity numbers sink to 23%, a low water mark.

Right now across Canada there are Liberal youth who should read this and rethink which campus club they plan to join.

CTV Pulls A Fast One

This morning the issue of the “support our troops” decals has become front and centre on a national level. The boycott of Toronto is growing. And in an effort to stifle the support for our troops, the CTV has made a mockery of the question as indicated by the image below which shows their poll today.

Troop Support Poll on CTV

The way this is poll is worded is quite misleading.

Troop Support Poll on CTV2

The issue today is not to question the use of decals on city vehicles for “causes” but for our troops. Our troops are NOT a cause.

The fact is that with such an ambiguous question, I myself would vote no. But if you change the word causes to troops, you can guarantee that the results would be far different.

Shame on you CTV.

David Suzuki Foundation Hides Poll Results

Their was a poll on the David Suzuki Foundation website that I blogged about here.

As of mid day Sunday, they had removed this poll from their site and the speculation is that the results did not match what their site supports. As Steve Janke points out, for a scientist like Suzuki to not show results that don’t match his expectations is, simply put, a sin against science.

The image below is the results as of 5:50 am EST Monday March 5th.

Suzuki Poll Results 3

What I especially like is that the code can be put on other sites. So I urge you all to continue voting if you have not voted already.

H/T to Neo at Halls of Macadamia

Get Out The Vote

Suzuki PollI think there could be more categories in this poll, but I think the fourth choice is the closest to my view.

I wonder if David Suzuki would change his view if no one cared. I find it quite a relief to see no one cares for carbon credit programs. That’s a big sigh of relief.

Go vote!!

H/T to Kate at SDA

ADDENDUM: I love the internet. I went to bed last night at 11:30 shortly after posting this, and the blogosphere has reacted dramatically to Kate’s call for a vote. It is now about 5:50 am, a mere 6 and a half hours later and the poll results are below. Quite a dramatic jump in the fourth answer!!

Suzuki Poll Results 2

Liberals Better Think Twice About A Spring Election

The results of a CFRA poll indicate that the Liberals should be thinking twice about taking down the government this spring.

There is renewed speculation about a spring federal election. Please rate the performance of the Harper minority government.
Excellent 34.4%
Very Good 43.6%
Adequate 13.7%
Very Poor 8.05%
Other 5.55%
Total Votes: 1801

This may not be a scientific poll as it was conducted online, but when 91.7% of the 1800 or so respondents believe the government is doing Adequate or better and a whopping 78% feel they are doing Very Good or Excellent, then the opposition parties need to pay attention.

If you take out the Other results, the weighted value of the Adequate or better answers go up to 97% and the Very Good or Excellent total is a commanding 82.6%. These are quite dramatic results and make me very proud to be one of those who think the Harper government is doing an Excellent job.

The environment may be a key issue to the press, but to citizens it is not as important as good government, good leadership and an accountable team that will not squander our tax dollars and this poll shows it.

Hypothetically, Decima Research Is A Biased Pollster

Showing their true Liberal colours, Decima Research ran a poll which presented people with a HYPOTHETICAL situation as follows:

Decima Research asked people to choose between two hypothetical election promises – a $1,000 Conservative tax break for every household and a $1,000 Liberal break limited to households that took pro-environment action.

Fifty-one per cent of respondents said they would prefer the Liberal promise versus 28 per cent who preferred the Conservative pledge, say the survey results provided to The Canadian Press. Twenty-one per cent were unsure.

So the campaign promises were hypothetical, yet Decima chose the Liberals and the Conservatives and portrayed the Liberals as environmentally friendly. Why would they not choose the Green Party and the Liberals in this scenario with the Green Party being the one with the pro-environment tax break condition?

To make things worse, even if the two options were apolitical, the pro-environment tax break combination is far more appealing to anyone, not just those interested in the environment making it the easy choice for most. In fact, I am surprised that the results were not much higher for the pro-environment choice which means that half of respondents either did not like the plan or were not willing to answer. This is actually quite dramatic when you think about it.

How about we try this one. Choose between these two hypothetical campaign promises. a) The Liberal plan to offer a $1000 tax break per household or b) the Conservative plan to offer a $1000 tax break to households that take a pro-safety stance by joining their neighbourhood watch?

I think we know which option would win out there.

“I think what we’re seeing here is a signal that’s really about what kind of policies people want,” Decima CEO Bruce Anderson said in an interview.

“While they appreciate the idea of tax cuts they also appreciate that policy should be increasingly directed towards achieving environmental improvement. That’s what that 51 per cent are telling us they think.”

I think Bruce Anderson needs to revisit his polling skills if he thinks this poll was by any means fair or determinate of people’s feelings about the situation.

Aside from the claims Decima Research makes, I can safely say that this poll does give one clear indication. And that would be that Decima Research is clearly a biased pollster.

H/T to Political Staples

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes…

Eva LongoriaEva Longoria recently made the following statement:

“Everyone on Wisteria Lane has the money of a Republican, but the sex life of a Democrat.”

However, as many on the right side of the political spectrum know, the Desperate Housewives actress has it all backwards. David Frum’s piece in last Sunday’s edition of the National Post has some great information that should shed some light on the darkness of bank accounts and bedrooms.

Over the past 15 years, it is the Democrats, not the Republicans, who have emerged as the party of upper-income America. In 2000, Al Gore beat George Bush among the 4% of voters who described themselves to exit pollsters as “upper class.” In 2004, John Kerry won nine of the 10 richest zip codes in the United States.

We all know John Kerry, a Democrat, has married only the richest of the rich. So the idea that Republicans are the ones with the money is slowly falling on the wayside.

Addressing the sexual side of things, David Frum continues:

As for sex — well, it turns out that it’s Republican (and especially Republican women) who have it more often and better. The two strongest predictors of Republican affiliation in America are (1) marriage and (2) church attendance. These are also the strongest predictors of female sexual satisfaction. The authoritative 1995 University of Chicago survey Sex in America found that conservative Protestant married women were the group most likely to report that they “nearly always” orgasmed during sex. Married women of all religions were almost twice as likely as unmarried women to describe their sex lives as “extremely satisfying.”

Wow!! I always knew that sex between Republicans had to be better because Republicans tend to care more about OTHERS. It is too often the “Me! Me! Me!” attitude of Democrats that would lead to the wham bam thank you ma’am.

The same caring attitude that leads to the above statistics are about to be released in a book by Professor Arthur C. Brooks of the University of Syracuse called Who Really Cares. Here is another snippet from David Frum’s piece which I highly urge you to go read. You will feel better about being politically to the right.

Consider for example this one fundamental liberal/conservative dividing line, the question “Do you believe the government has a responsibility to reduce income inequality?” In a major 1996 survey, 33% of Americans gave the liberal answer, “yes”; 43% gave the conservative answer, “no.”Those who gave the conservative answer were more likely to give to charity than those who gave the liberal answer. And when they gave, they gave much more: an average of four times as much as liberal givers.

Correct for income, age and other variables, and you find that people who want government to fight inequality are 10 points less likely to give anything at all — and when they did give, they gave US$263 per year less than a right-winger of exactly the same age earning exactly the same money.

So there we have it. Those on the right side of the political spectrum are not the richest, have better sex and are more generous when it comes to charities.

Who would have thunk it?

H/T to my friend Sandie for this one.

New OfficiallyScrewed Poll

Our last poll was quite convincingly in favour of Israel’s action to go into Lebanon in response to having two Israeli soldiers kidnapped and 8 killed by Hezbollah. Over 92% of the 100 plus votes thought this.

Our next poll has to do with how long you expect the current ceasefire to last. Feel free to vote on the right.

ADDENDUM – Well you’re an optimistic lot.  I went to bed at 10 votes and wake up to 27 votes and 70% of those 27 votes expecting the ceasefire to be over in less than two weeks.

On a second note, with regard to everyone claiming victory, I have to agree with Mark Regev, the Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman who says (and I paraphrase)… You have to question someone who is claiming victory from a cave, underground, where no one knows where he is.