Open Letter From Santa Claus To Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

After reading this article, Old Saint Nick sent me the letter below to share….

Dear James, (aka Mayor Jim Watson),

I was surprised that you would get jealous about Toronto getting $600M for three new transit stops. After all, I have been more than generous to you and your Liberal friends with an embarassment of riches. Jeolousy won’t get you off of my “Naughty List”. You can’t possibly be surprised to know that you are on this list. But just in case you are wondering why, I have noted a few reasons below.

For starters when you got elected to the provincial legislature in 2003, the Ontario Liberal party promised to not raise taxes and immediately imposed a massive health care premium. Lying is something Santa takes very seriously.

Then Santa did his best to give the Ontario Liberals (of which you are one) more money to spend wisely. But what did they do? They decided to drop a cool Billion dollars on eHealth, but their oversight let it all go to waste.

I then gave you and your friends another billion dollar gift and they blew it by giving blank cheques to Orange, the air ambulance company who blew it on things like two motorcycles from Orange County Choppers.

I then gave the Ontario Liberals yet another billion dollar Christmas gift but instead of building gas plants, they selfishly wasted the money to move the plants so they could win a couple of seats near Mississauga.

And guess what? I also gave you and your Liberal cronys another billion dollars of hard earned tax money and instead of sending some to you for your choo choo train, they decided to put up solar panels and windmills that will leave a legacy of debt to be paid off by Ontarian tax payers on their Hydro bills.

And now I am hearing that cronyism is running amock as your friend Kathleen Wynn is creating a bunch of advisory boards and loading them up with liberal party hacks. This is a slap in the face of Ontario taxpayers.

To get on my “Nice List” people need to share. They need to tell the truth. They need to appreciate what they have been given and not throw these gifts away for personal gain or benefit.

I urge you to think about these things. You have the ear of your fellow Liberals. How YOU choose to use your voice will determine if you get back on my “Nice List”.


Santa Claus

Liberals value BBQ with Justin Trudeau at $999…….

In this article in the Ottawa Citizen, The Liberals seemto be valuing a BBQ with Justin Trudeau at $999.

How much is a five-person barbecue dinner with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau worth to you?

Federal Liberals sent out an email this week offering Canadians who donate $5 or more to the party between now and June 30 a chance to win a barbecue dinner for five with the Grit leader this summer.

It’s the party’s latest fundraising effort and is a clear attempt to combine Canadians’ love of grilling with what Liberals are hoping is Trudeau’s celebrity appeal.

“The leader loves having the chance to meet one-on-one with Canadians,” said Liberal party spokesman Olivier Duchesneau. “And obviously Canadians love to barbecue in the summer, so it was a great fit.”

But because the fundraiser is also a contest – the winner of the barbecue date will be chosen through a random draw – Duchesneau said the party was legally required to come up with a value for the prize.

And there it is in the fine print: “Approximate value of $999 CAD.”

So the Shiney Pony speaks at a fundraiser and the price is $20,000 but when you get him in an intimate 5 person BBQ fundraiser, the value is only $999. Considering he charged the $20,000 while an MP it should have gone up now that he is party leader.

This to me is a blatant attempt to bypass the donation limits the party has to set on the value of things. Recall when they had their “Sky is the limit” auction?

In that case they were forced to back down because people were bidding to exceed the donation limit of the prize. Well in this case the value received by the Liberals in $5 ticket prices far exceeds the value of the $999 claim and it will also likely exceed the $1200 limit per person.

It may be “legal” but it is still optically circumventing the rules via technicalities.

Liberals….OfficiallyScrewing over Canadians since 1867.,

Thomas Mulcair Urges Chief Spence to End Hunger Strike

Spence, who has been living on a diet of fish broth, vitamins and tea since Dec. 11.  —CBC News

It is not known just how many calories Spence is ingesting, subsisting onfish broth and medicinal teas (a true hunger striker drinks only water).  —Leader Post

Spence has admitted she’s snacking, even detailing her menu (fish soup and moose soup) but that hasn’t stopped the Media Party from reporting her hunger strike as not only true, but putting the saint precariously close to death.  —Sun News

Here at we are still waiting for her to start one.

Chief Spence Moves Goal Posts…Again

 Moving The Goalposts!First she said she would be on her reduced caloric intake diet until the Prime Minister would meet with her.

He agreed to meet her and all the other band chiefs on January 11th.

Then she said she will not end her reduced caloric intake diet unless something concrete comes of Friday’s meeting.

Today it is learned that she has said she will not attend unless the Governor-General meets with her.

At this point, if I were the PM, I would back out. It is obvious nothing is going to sate this women’s appetite.

Attiwapiskat Has No Documentation for 80% of Financial Expenditures from 2005 to 2011/2012

Thanks Brigitte Pellerin!!!

A few snips.

Deloitte was commissioned by the federal government to audit the Attawapiskat books for the years 2005-2011/12. …..Deloitte cannot guarantee federal funds sent to the northern Ontario reserve are used properly. In fact, the accounting firm cannot find proper documentation for 80% of transactions…..the newspaper was unable to get Chief Theresa Spence to comment on its information.

Methinks Chief Spence is rightfully going to get OfficiallyScrewed.

“Professional” Media Commentators Outted as New Democrats (5 Years After I Called One Of Them Out)


Back in February 2007, I wrote this (at the end of a blog post)

Mr. Attaran should produce a bit more evidence before making allegations as he has.
Judge him for yourself. Mr. Attaran has written for the Globe and Mail (left leaning), The Washington Post (left leaning), The New York Times (VERY left leaning) and his previous employer was the “Sierra Legal Defence Fund” (Granola crunching, left leaning, tree hugging, legal action group).
I think Mr. Attaran should come clean. His actions indicate he wants Canada out of Afghanistan. Just like his buddy Jack Layton.
ADDENDUM: Actually, Mr. Attaran is quoted on page 3 of one of Alexa McDonough’s “Global Perspectives” flyers from 2003

And finally someone in the main stream media has caught on. And once again it is the Sun Media chain that breaks the story so many others choose to ignore.

And the unsuccessful NDP leadership campaign of Ottawa MP Paul Dewar accepted a $1,200 donation from University of Ottawa law prof Amir Attaran>

Bob Rae Sucks at Correlating Things

From Hansard Feb. 28th, 2012

Hon. Bob Rae (Toronto Centre, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, I have just learned that a court document has been produced from the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections saying that there were 31 phone calls between the Conservative campaign in Guelph and RackNine and that there were 40 calls between Conservative operatives in Ottawa and RackNine.
Could the government explain that information in conjunction with the statement that was just made by the parliamentary secretary?

This is like me saying:

Mr. Speaker. Police LUD reports indicated that there were 31 phone calls between MP Bob Rae’s House and Pizza Pizza in 2011 and that there were 43,000 calls between stoned teenagers and Pizza Pizza. Could Bob Rae explain that information and how it relates to him?

To quote Bugs Bunny….What a marooooon.

Laim Stream Media Not Telling Whole Truth

A big thank you to Brian Lilley for doing the dirty work that all the other news media outlets failed to do when it comes to the robodialling accusations flying these days.

Brian did his homework and has dug up a gem that no one else seems to be pointing out. The Elections Canada report that investigates all the shenanigans reported regarding the election and election day includes the following quote:

There was no conduct reported that would bring into question the integrity of the election result overall or the result in a particular riding. Although misconduct was reported in several ridings, there is no complaint that it affected the final result. There is some speculation in the media that the dirty tricks may have affected the result in some close contests.

So the same report cited by news agencies used to call the robocalling problems a scandal clearly states that none of the 191 pages of reported problems would have changed the results. And furthermore, the report only discusses robocalling on 3 of those pages.

I would be very interested to know of ALL the shenanigans reported, how many occurred in ridings won by the various parties in a scoresheet format. Let’s look at the WHOLE election and ALL the shenanigans and figure out where the most problems occurred.

And once again, Kudo’s to Mr. Lilley. He does the true work that so many other reporters fail to do and he gives us the facts the other reporters fail to notice.

RIP Jack Layton – NDP Leader

I disagreed with his politics. I cringed when he put on that smug smile. His left wing soundbites were like finger nails on the chalkboard to my ears. He reminded me of a used car salesman…or even worse, the guy from the Computer learning CD commercials who would say “Please try my products.” But he sure made politics interesting.

He carried the NDP to heights only he could take them to. His recent success helped to dismantle the Liberals by giving Canadians two choices. Conservative or NDP. Capitalist or Socialist. The creation of the great divide has served my chosen party well and, I believe, it will continue to moving forward so for that I am grateful to him.

He was a darn good adversary. If he fought cancer as hard as he fought for his political beliefs, he sure gave it his all. Cancer also took my father and one of my best friends way too early in their lives. My sympathies go out not only to Olivia and his family. But they go out to all members of the NDP as today is a day they are all in mourning. And even though I disagreed with his politics, his death has saddened me along with many other conservatives.

RIP Jack Layton. I hope CTV doesn’t mind me sharing a clip that I put up on my blog a few years ago. The lighter side of the man. Hopefully he has his guitar with him in heaven.