Code Pink Rally Attendees Pushing For Violence

Watch this video. No this is not a bunch of “tea baggers” (i.e. Tea Party members). This is a rally held by left wing group Code Pink whose slogan is “women for peace”. They don’t sound so peaceful.

But for some reason the perception is that it is the right of the political spectrum calling for violence.

WARNING: This is truly offensive video.

I just have to say that if this group ever gets traction, we are all OfficiallyScrewed.

Somehow…Someway…You Need To See Today’s Glenn Beck Program – September 3rd, 2010

I know the lamestream media crucifies him. I know they paint him as a over-emotional right wing zealot. I know that every channel on TV except FOX News disses him. But somehow…someway… you need to go watch his show from Friday September 3rd. His Friday live audience show had three guests. Ex San Diego Charger Miles McPherson, Pastor of the Rock Church and author of DO Something!: Make Your Life Count
Dave Roever, founder of The Roever Foundation and decorated Vietnam Veteran, and Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President of The American Alliance of Jews and Christians.

All three men carry some incredible wisdom and faith. Miles McPherson has brought himself back from being a coke addict and lost soul to being a shepherd for so many other lost souls. Rabbi Lapin is someone who from the first words out of his mouth to the end of his sentences just captivates you with his tone, his accent and most importantly his perspective on things. And Dave Roever, a man who had a phosphorous grenade go off in his hand burning his face at 5000 degrees (half the temperature of the Sun) yet carries the joy of a child in his heart and words.

You will be moved.

You can see all three men speak at Glenn’s website if you are an “Extreme Insider”. They were part of his special event the night before his rally at The Washington Mall last Saturday.

Simply awesome.

Beckbytes – Arguing With Idiots About Capitalism II

From Glenn Beck’s new book Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government comes this clip about privatization corporatization.

A.D.D. Moment – New Zealand corporatized their postal service in 1987. As Cornell professor Richard Geddes notes, that change “led to improvements in efficiency, a 40% reduction in the system’s workforce, a doubling in labor productivity, a decrease in the cost of sending a letter and a decrease in the price of a basic stamp.” And they did it all without impacting service in either rural or urban communities.

Beckbytes: Arguing With Idiots About Capitalism

From Glenn Beck’s new book Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government comes this gem on how capitalism performs when compared to socialistic government programs.

Profits=Progress: In January 2006, New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin announced 314 new public projects as part of his rebuilding effort after Katrina. Over two and a half years later, just six of them were complete. Conversely, Wal-Mart had 126 of their stores damaged in the hurricane; 110 of them were up and running within ten days.