CBC Bias Rears It's Ugly Head … Again

I just finished watching Marketplace on CBC this Sunday afternoon. That’s what happens when CTV cancels this weeks edition of Question Period.

The last 10 minutes of Marketplace was dedicated to seeing if consumers were really seeing the GST cut that the Tories have brought in.

They start off with a Tim Horton’s coffee and confirm that Tim’s is, indeed, passing on the GST cut by cutting the cost of coffee. I can confirm this because the price of an XL coffee used to be $1.59 and after the 2 point cut it is now $1.56. Yay Timmy’s!!!

But every other price they looked at was for a set price item. i.e. prices that have traditionally been rounded to a dollar (or half dollar).

They start off with a Saturday Toronto Star. $2.00 before and $2.00 after. Since a large portion of newspaper sales are via the box on the street corner, this one is a given as an item that would not change in price. Who the heck is going to want to put $1.98 into a newspaper box slot?

They then proceeded with Parking machines, parking meters, Live Theatre tickets, taxi cab fares and movie tickets. All of which have stayed the same with the base rate of the product going up meaning no cost savings to the consumer.

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed the tax saving on restaurant food, where the tax is added in AFTER the cost of the meal. I have noticed the tax savings in my grocery bill which far outweighs any money I put into movies, cabs, or parking. I have also noticed it anywhere the price of the item is set with the tax being added after the fact. Store owners did NOT go around the store bumping that $3.99 box of cereal to $4.03.

This was simply a poor reporting job by the CBC. The sad part about something like this is that most of the items they looked at were items that lower income Canadians do not typically use.

Lower income earners ride the bus over taking a taxi or paying for parking. The Conservatives put in a tax credit for the bus riders. Lower income earners might go to the movies occasionally, but more often than not they do not go see a $120 show at the Royal Alex in Toronto as the Marketplace segment showed. In fact, video rentals add tax AFTER the fact so that $3.99 rental that cost $4.59 after tax is now only $4.51. Thank you for my 8 cents!!!

Chalk this one up to that left wing bias our publicly funded network is known for.

The Mounties Always Get Their Man – Dudley DooRight Catches Bob Fife

Whenever someone slams the CBC for being left leaning, the comeback always seems to be that the CTV is the exact opposite and a strong supporter of the Conservative Party. I am quickly seeing that this is also a complete load of hogwash.

My personal friend “Dudley Dooright” pointed this information out to me and I thought it was important enough for me to share with my readers.

This is to bring to your attention an urgent matter concerning the Minister of National Defence, the Honourable Gordon O’Connor.

There have been recent reports that Minister O’Connor will be removed from his current post of Minister of National Defence during the week of August 13. What follows are some details regarding the background, and how you could express your support for Minister O’Connor if you choose to do so.

Please note that since the cabinet shuffle might take place as early as Monday August 13, it is important to voice your support before 5 PM on Friday August 10 when Prime Minister Harper’s office closes for the weekend.

On Saturday August 4, 2007 CTV news reported:

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper will demote embattled Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor in a cabinet shuffle expected in the week of August 13, senior government insiders told CTV News.”

Link To August 4th CTV news story

The same news report also stated:

“Sources say the Prime Minister decided he had to shift O’Connor out of Defence after he gave an interview on CTV’s Question Period two weeks ago, in which he suggested Quebec’s famed Van Doos would spend their six-month mission in Afghanistan training Afghan army troops rather than fighting the Taliban.

Families who lost loved ones in Afghanistan were deeply upset at O’Connor as were members of the Van Doos, government officials told CTV.”

The first sentence refers to another CTV report published Sun. Jul. 22 2007, but the assertion that Minister O’Connor suggested that the Van Doos would be engaged in “training Afghan army troops rather than fighting the Taliban” is incorrect. The linked video clip posted on the CTV website, records what Mr. O’Connor actually said: http://tinyurl.com/29og5e

CTV’s Graham Richardson: “Will the mission change or be tweaked in any way? Will there be fewer patrols given what Canadian forces are facing in the south?”

Minister O’Connor: “It was part of our plan to go through essentially a three stage transition. When we arrived in the south, because of the situation with the Taliban, and the situation with the Afghan army, there was very few of them, we had to take on the bulk of the fighting.

And in the last few months we took over sponsorship of one of the infantry battalions of the Afghan army. We’ve trained it to a very high level and it’s out there now conducting operations.

Over the next four or five months we’re going to be picking up four or five additional Afghan battalions to train and mentor and get them out into the field.

And were hoping that by the end of this rotation that’s going in now, the so-called Van Doos rotation, we’ll have about 3000 Afghan army operating within the Kandahar province.

As we train more and more of the Afghan army to carry out their own operations, we will continue to withdraw, train them, put more emphasis on training, and at some stage, basically be in reserve.

CTV’s Graham Richardson: “If all goes according to plan, Canadians will be doing less of a combat role in the south, correct?”

Minister O’Connor: “That’s correct.”

Link to July 22nd CTV news story

Mr. O’Connor was describing a transition plan that was already in progress before the Van Doos arrived, and he did not suggest that the Van Doos would be engaged exclusively in training of the Afghan army in Kandahar.

Yet, CTV reports anonymous “senior government insiders” stating that Mr. O’Connor will be shuffled out of his Minister of National Defence position for a suggestion he never made in that news report.

On Jul 12, 2007, General Rick Hillier seemed to agree with Minister O’Connor regarding the recent successes training the Afghan army battalion, and with the plan going forward.

“This battalion has actually come an incredible long ways. Our soldiers were telling me it’s like looking in a mirror and seeing their own tactics and drills and skills being implemented by these guys,”

“They’re very professional. … They’ve actually been very successful in most operations against the Taliban,”

“I believe that by spring … this organization will be very capable. It won’t be perfect. It won’t be stand-alone. But it will be ready to help play a huge role that essentially has not been played at all until now by themselves,” he said.

Link to July 12th, 2007 Toronto Star news story

During his tenure of some 18 months as Minister of National Defence, Gordon O’Connor has secured the reinvestment in Canadian Armed Forces’ equipment which was depleted by years of neglect by previous governments. Examples of orders secured include heavy lift aircraft, transport helicopters, tanks, and arctic patrol ships. The Canadian Forces are making a significant contribution to the security of Afghanistan, and their morale is reported to be high.

If you believe that Gordon O’Connor is doing a good job as Minister of National Defence and would like to show your support for him, below are a few ways to do so:

1. Phone the Prime Minister’s Office at 613-941-6888 to speak to an assistant to express your support for Minister O’Connor in his role as Minister of National Defence. Business hours for the Prime Minister’s office are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. If you phone after 5 PM, you will be transferred to a voice-mailbox in the Prime Minister’s office, where you could also leave a message.

2. Email The Right Hon. Stephen J. Harper, P.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Canada at pm@pm.gc.ca expressing your support for Minister O’Connor in his role as Minister of National Defence. You might also consider copying Minister O’Connor’s parliamentary office at oconng@parl.gc.ca .

3. Fax The Right Hon. J. Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Canada at 613-941-6900 expressing your support for Minister O’Connor in his role as Minister of National Defence.

Cabinet Ministers have been ordered to be available to meet with the Prime Minister as of Monday August 13, 2007 so there is very little time to get messages of support for The Hon. Gordon O’Connor to the Prime Minister. If you decide to voice your support for Minister O’Connor, please do so before 5 PM on Friday August 10.

Thank you.

It seems the only thing Minister O’Connor is guilty of is letting the press play tricks with his words. If you feel like me and know that Minister O’Connor is doing a fine job, then I urge you to let the PMO know with one of the methods pointed out above.

I would like to add that under Prime Minister Harper and Minister O’Connor, I have regained a faith that Canada is once again becoming the True North, STRONG and free.

CTV Pulls A Fast One

This morning the issue of the “support our troops” decals has become front and centre on a national level. The boycott of Toronto is growing. And in an effort to stifle the support for our troops, the CTV has made a mockery of the question as indicated by the image below which shows their poll today.

Troop Support Poll on CTV

The way this is poll is worded is quite misleading.

Troop Support Poll on CTV2

The issue today is not to question the use of decals on city vehicles for “causes” but for our troops. Our troops are NOT a cause.

The fact is that with such an ambiguous question, I myself would vote no. But if you change the word causes to troops, you can guarantee that the results would be far different.

Shame on you CTV.

Global Warming Brings End To Religion

Limp WickChurches have lots of candles.

In recent years, the number of churches going up in flames has increased.

The primary reason is believed to be “limp wick” syndrome made popular by Al Gore. (Unlike the opposite syndrome which Bill Clinton suffers from.)

“Limp wick” is when warm air causes candles to tip over spilling wax and red hot wicks to the ground igniting carpeting. Due to the rise in this syndrome fire departments all across the world are closing up churches.

“Limp wick” is attributed to Global Warming.

I can’t make this up … I’m not allowed to do that.

How Many Times Is The Earth "Officially" Warming?

Thanks to John Robson for these 6 historical quotes:

“It appears 1998 will go down as the year that atmospheric and scientific evidence finally put to rest any doubt that the planet is being subjected to global warming, with human activity the probable cause.”

– – Globe and Mail, 1998

“Now, what was once a hotly debated theory – that a vast layer of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other man-made gases in the atmosphere are causing the Earth’s envelope to heat up – has hardened into near certainty.”

– – Macleans, February 2000

“Scientists Now Acknowledge Role of Humans in Climate Change.”

– – New York Times, October 2000

“Scientists have dispelled most of the lingering doubts about the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere with new evidence from satellites orbiting the Earth.”

– – National Post, 2001

“Consensus grows on climate change”

– – BBC, 2006

“In the past five years or so, the serious debate has quietly ended. Global warming, even most skeptics have concluded, is the real deal, and human activity has been causing it.”

– – Time Magazine, 2006

Now let’s look at today’s headlines.

Science Panel Says Global Warming Is ‘Unequivocal’
– – NY Times, Feb. 2nd, 2007

Paris report calls climate change ‘unequivocal’

– – CBC, Feb. 2nd, 2007

Global problem – Climate-change report released in Paris

– – Ottawa Citizen, Feb. 2nd, 2007

Climate change: The DeniersStatistics needed — The Deniers Part I

Warming is real — and has benefits — The Deniers Part II

The hurricane expert who stood up to UN junk science — The Deniers Part III

Polar scientists on thin ice — The Deniers Part IV

The original denier: into the cold — The Deniers Part V

The sun moves climate change — The Deniers Part VI

Will the sun cool us? — The Deniers Part VII

The limits of predictability — The Deniers Part VIII

Look to Mars for the truth on global warming — The Deniers Part IX

Limited role for C02 — the Deniers Part X

Plenty of reading for fellow skeptics.

Burnt Babies Blamed On Global Warming

Baby FormulaParents around the world prepare baby formula in a consistent manner to feed their newborns.

Hundreds of millions of forearm tests indicate the formula is perfect body temperature.

But by the time the bottle reaches the babies mouth, the formula has heated up and burned the babies.

Environmental scientists have concluded this can only be attributed to Global Warming.

I’m not making this up … I’m not allowed to do that.

Global Warming Burnt My Steak

SteakToday I ordered a steak medium rare and it showed up well done.

The chef swears he cooked it the same way he always does.

Global warming overcooked my steak.

I’m not making this up…I’m not allowed to do that.


Today a Canadian went into a suntan parlour for their regular tanning session.

Global warming sunburned them.

I’m not making this up … I’m not allowed to do that

(what has global warming done to you?)


Arar Chronicles from CitizenSo I got up this morning and flipped open the big 24 page Arar section in my Sunday edition of the Ottawa Citizen. For some reason, it just didn’t have quite as much information for me and the text just wasn’t cutting it for my audio/visual personality. (image is from actual Ottawa Citizen website)

This drove me to flip on the boobtube and I caught a couple of hours of CTV-Ararnet. For those of you not on digital cable … you lose!! But for some reason, they missed some of the choice audio clips that I was really looking forward to hearing today. (I read about them on Dear Arar, the syndicated advice column designed for people who missed out on past Arar events.)

So I proceeded to turn on my Sirius digital satellite radio to listen to the 24/7 Arar call in talk radio show called Arar You Sirius? and dialled in a few times to try to ask about these hidden audio gems. No dice. The lines were packed with angry callers from Damascus demanding photos of his Syrian passport.

So, I just did the same old, same old and visited the www.arar.youtube.com hoping one of the Arararrazzi caught some good cellular phone video footage that they uploaded. Now and then I find some really awesome audio to go along with the video.

Barring this, I will just have to catch that Gemini winning, CBC reality show Terror Error – The Maher Arar Affair. Season 5 is available on DVD in time for Christmas. (nudge nudge wink wink to my wife)