Partisanship aside…

We argue and fight and yell at each other.  We bicker about where money should be spent, how much should be spent, when it should be spent.  We fight tooth and nail over how to accomplish a task and the number of hands that need to be involved in accomplishing it.  We can be partisan to the core sometimes.

But we all can stop pulling in opposite directions on occasion and all pull in the same direction.

Today is one of those days where I can safely say that every Dipper, Bloc, Liberal and Conservative is sending best wishes to Jack Layton in his battle with the big C.  I hope he has a speedy and full recovery and I will personally say a prayer tonight for him and for every other person dealing with this.

We know you will be back to perfect health and riding that bike down Danforth Ave. again once the snow is gone.

Where's The Beef?

Where's The BeefMany of you out there know I am on the Atkins diet. So one thing I notice is when I get two slices of plain white bread and no meat.

Well today the Ontario Liberals left me hungry. Because today, Rita Burak, the Chairwoman of eHealth apologized for the missing 100’s of millions of dollars associated with the eHealth scandal. Why does this make me hungry? Well I feel that we are being jipped out of the juicy part of this burger. The good questions remained unanswered.

How can we go from the auditor generals report directly to an apology with no meat in the middle.

Will there not be a detailed audit with full disclosure of the graft and who I’d responsible?

Will there not be a clear indication of whether or not there was graft worthy of criminal charges?

Was this not 10 times bigger than the federal Liberal sponsorship scandal and as such deserving of a criminal investigation?

Will the Liberals not make sure their name is cleared?

Would a criminal investigation and detailed audit not do this?

Can tax payers not find out how badly we were bilked out of our hard earned tax dollars?

Will the (Smither)man who created eHealth not answer the questions?

Hey Dalton, where’s the beef??

Enough is Enough. Wake Up Ontario. McGuinty's Cronies Committing Larceny Of The Grandest Kind

I’ve had it. You should have had it too. OLGC boondoggles (not one but TWO), HST implementation without cutting the mill rate, A health tax levy weeks after taking office and now eHealth.

I’m sick and tired of Dalton “YellowBellied” McShifty running rickshaw over Ontario taxpayers.

The Gomery Commission was called by a Liberal when it was reported a $250 Million dollar program could possibly have as much as $100 Million wasted.

And yet Yellowbelly himself rejects a call for a public inquiry into the eHealth Boondoggle that is over 10 times as bad.

What’s that you ask? 10 times Mulder? Surely you jest.

No friggin way! The numbers don’t lie. The Auditor General says that in a billion dollar program, the tax payers received only hundreds of millions of dollars in value. Well do the math. 1000 million minus hundreds of millions means hundreds of millions may have been wasted.

The Sponsorship Scandal was $250 Million over 33 Million Canadians. That’s about $7.50 for every man, woman and child in this country.

And eHealth? Just do the math. $1 BILLION, that’s 1000 Million being wasted of Ontario taxpayer dollars. $1 Billion over 11.4 Million people is a whopping $87.72 for every man, woman and child in Ontario.

That’s 11.7 times how bad the Sponsorship Scandal was to the Federal Liberals.

But this is not the only reason “blood is shooting out of my eyes“. The fact that the Premier is not willing to investigate should ring bells loud and clear that a criminal investigation should take place. Yet who is responsible for administering the Canadian Criminal Code? The provinces. So who would be the authority in Ontario that would appoint a special prosecutor to this? The Ontario Attorney General. And who appoints the Ontario Attorney General? Dalton Friggin McGuinty.

If this isn’t the Fox watching the Henhouse then nothing is.

I think the Federal government should be putting in a special request to the Province of Ontario to uphold the Criminal Code and investigate this larceny of the grandest kind.

McGuinty’s government put the Mayor of Ottawa through the ringer for posible influence peddling that (if it had been true) would have cost the tax payers a few hundred thousand dollars, yet he won’t investigate A BILLION FREAKING DOLLAR BOONDOGGLE!!

Blood should be shooting out of your eyes too!!! Talk about taxpayers being completely bent over and getting OfficiallyScrewed.


HealthScamWOWLast night I fell asleep in front of the TV. The infomercials were flying and at about 4am I woke up in a cold sweat after a nightmare. I dreamed that instead of putting ads on Craigslist to pay people $10 to $15 an hour to promote Obamacare, that the Obama Administration hired Vince, the ShamWOW guy to sell it for them. It went something like this.

Hi I’m Vince for Obama care. You’ll be saying wow everytime you need medical care. It’s like Dr. Kevorkian, Nurse Ratchett and President Obama all rolled into one. You’re gonna be smiling all day because change you believe in is going to take all your pains away.

You ever cut yourself?? No problem for Obamacare. You just take a Shamwow, cut to the appropriate size, apply direct pressure to the cut and make your way to the hospital emergency room. Once there just take a seat and wait 12 to 18 hours for them to call your name. At that point slowly peel back the Shamwow and voila, your cut is almost healed. Who needs to actually see a doctor?

Are you over 50 and looking for a hip or knee replacement? Obamacare’s got you covered. Instead of going through a risky surgery and a long painful recovery, just rely on Obamacare’s three step plan. Step one, take a really strong painkiller.  Step two, take a couple of tablespoons of Arsenic. Step three, take a nose dive into a shallow grave. Stop having boring surgery and stop having a boring life when you can anesthetize, euthanize then fertilize.  Easy as 1, 2, 3. No other healthcare plan is going to do that.

Are you a man with a testicular problem? Obamacare is gonna love your nuts because it has what I affectionately call the Slapchop solution. First we’ll remove your pants, then we’ll grab your nads, dip them in alcohol and then amputate them. Are you following me camera guy? Thats rip, grip, dip and snip.

Are you suffering from that annoying condition known as pregnancy?  No problem. Obamacare will spare no expense and get you the best doctors that middle class American tax dollars can buy.

How painless will Obamacare be? This is the best part. You won’t need to read countless insurance plans to decide what’s best for you.  It’s the same process our congressman and senators took to pass Obamacare.

See what I’m telling ya? You’ll be saying wow everytime you need healthcare.

Disclaimor:  Side effects of Obamacare include more national debt, excessive diagnostic wait times, rationing of services, higher taxes, stronger healthcare unions, higher mortality rates.”

John Stossel's Healthcare Piece – Postponed…Again

If I was a REALLY paranoid right wing extremist I might think that ABC’s decision to postpone John Stossel’s piece on the Canadian healthcare system until July 31st was because they did not want to run it when President Obama was getting pounded on his already failed attempt to push through healthcare reform before the summer break.

But I turned my PVR on this morning towatch the special because I was out last night and noted that Charlie Gibson had taken up the full hour on 20/20 with an oil/gas industry piece.  Considering many Americans have a high interest in the oil/gas industry and the reasons behind the highly fluctiating prices, I will give ABC the benefit of the doubt.   But one more delay and we won’t be so kind to the station that has regular love ins with Barry O.

If you want to read John Stossel’s view on the delay, as well as the views of his fans, you can check out his blog.

Canadian Health Care System Under John Stossel's Watchful Eye

Mark your calendars.  On Friday July 24th, John Stossel has a segment on ABC’s 20/20 which looks at the Canadian Universal Health Care system.   This is very timely as the Obama administration is poised to pass a Universal Health Care bill through Congress.

In an effort to educate American’s about our system, Stossel does some serious digging.  In a brief preview some of the information that will be revealed is:

a)  Canadian doctors earn less than 50% of what their American counterparts make, which leads to the doctor shortage.

b)  towns in Canada are holding lotteries when space opens up with local family doctors to determine which family will get a doctor.

c) CT Scans, MRIs and other critical tests can get done usually next day…if you are a cat or a dog.  But for a human the wait time is far longer.

If Stossel ‘s past segments are an indication of what we can expect then this segment should be eye opening for Canadians as well as Americans.  I urge you all to take note and set your PVR’s.  For a sneak peak, check out the early promo by clicking here.

We will also do our part and try to get the show recorded and posted to the web as we feel it is critical for Canadians to know how OfficiallyScrewed we really are.

Cure For The Hiccups

This morning I woke up with a nasty case of the hiccups. In taking care of my problem with my usual cure, it dawned on me to share this with everyone on the web via my blog.

I learned this cure from my sister and have been eternally grateful ever since, for this cure works, bar none, EVERY time I have the hiccups.

Not only is it readily available EVERYWHERE in Canada, it tastes good too.

The answer is a Sour Cream Glazed Donut from Tim Hortons.

Stop laughing. It probably doesn’t have to be this particular type of donut, but simply some form of a cake donut.

I have had the hiccups numerous times with friends in the car and, no word of a lie, one single bite and swallow and I could toss out the rest of the donut because my hiccups are always gone. My friends and co-workers are all astounded and I am hoping some of you out there give this a try and let me know how it works for you.