Socialist Masquerading As Conservative?

Originally Posted 9/10/2010 but being bumped due to importance

Kanata South Candidate and NDP Supporter Appears To Be Attempting To Deceive Voters

The best way to predict future behaviour is to look at past behaviour.

On Thursday September 9th during the CFRA Municipal Panel, Rob Snow had guest Aaron Helleman on the air. Aaron is running in Ward 23 – Kanata South in the upcoming Ottawa Municipal Election. During the interview Rob Snow mentioned that Aaron Helleman was described as a lefty. Let’s pick up the conversation at that point.

Aaron Helleman: That’s interesting. The entrepreneur. The fella who’s a market believer. The fella who’s running his own business and is a professional engineer.

Rob Snow: So How did you get that tag then?

Aaron Helleman: I have no idea.

Well has the scoop on this one. And considering how much we have found out about Mr. Helleman, I can assure you his response is not a simple admission of not knowing, but it is quite clearly an effort to hide his true orange NDP roots.

1) Let’s look at his own words. He says he is a market believer. Yet when he was VP and blogger for the Federal NDP party back in 2005, he posted a “Quote of the Day” by Wendell Berry which stated:

Rats and roaches live by competition under the laws of supply and demand; it is the privilege of human beings to live under the laws of justice and mercy.

Wendell Berry

# posted by Aaron Helleman @ 9:19 AM 0 comments

How can someone be a market believer yet also believe that “Rats and roaches live by competition under the laws of supply and demand.”? I can just see Milton Friedman shaking his head at this one.

2) Aaron Helleman was a Vice President and Membership Director of the Federal NDP riding association in Carleton Mississippi Mills and he was also very involved in the campaign of the Carleton-Mississippi Mills NDP Candidate, Tasha Bridgen, during the January 2006 Federal Election. You can find his words on the blog of Rob Cottingham from a post back in December 2005 when Cottingham was gathering information on NDP campaigns. Helleman was not only glad to provide his status as a blogger and VP of the CMM NDP but he was pleased to announce that Tasha Bridgen’s site had video. You can see this in the comments of the blog post located here.

December 7th, 2005 at 20:40
Aaron Helleman says:
Hi guys,

Just wanted you to know that Carleton Mississippi Mills has a candidate – Tasha Bridgen. Check out the blog –


Aaron – CMMNDP Blogger/VP

December 7th, 2005 at 20:44
Aaron Helleman says:
Oh – and we do video too.


3) Additionally, via, the CMM NDP website had a very prominent blogger who attacked both Conservatives and Liberals, clearly staking his position to the left in the political spectrum. This blogger was Aaron Helleman.

4) In 2005, he also posted a piece entitled “Proud to be an NDP Supporter”. Yet he has no idea how he can be tagged a lefty. Where did his pride go?

5) Back in May of 2005, the Carleton-Mississippi Mills NDP Riding Association had a fundraiser at O’Connor’s pub featuring party leader Jack Layton and well known NDP MP Charlie Angus. And who could you contact for tickets? The screenshot of an email below gives you the clear answer. Aaron Helleman.

Click to enlarge

(note the phone number has been hidden by us)

6) In January 2007, Mr. Helleman reached out to the United Church (bells ringing yet?) for help on how to reach their community with voter kits. This is demonstrated at the “Faith Justice” wikipage we found. In this page, Helleman states clearly:

How do we plan on offering this potential voters kit to Christians in our ridings? Would it be published by ‘us’ as individuals or by our riding association, or some other way?

Some great links: (I’m a member of CPJ and would invite you to join them as well… check them out )

Which “riding association” did Helleman mean? And stating that he is a member of the CPJ does him little good in an attempt to paint himself as a conservative. The link he himself provides on that page takes you to a page where the CPJ clearly states it’s opposition to the Conservative attempt to remove party funding by the public purse back in 2008.

7) The CBC website carries a great section during Federal Elections called Canada Votes/Riding Talk. And in the commentary for Carleton-Mississippi Mills, Helleman clearly promotes and even provides a direct link to the CMM NDP website.

Health Care
Child Care
High-Tech unemployement and outsourcing
Seniors Charter

are just a few of the issues for this riding.

These issues need new thinking and positive vision. check out SITE

Posted by: Aaron Helleman | Dec 13, 2005 7:55:55 AM

8 ) There is a nice little site called Meetup, where people can create and join “meetup” groups. There is one set up for NDP supporters in the Ottawa area. Guess who shows up as one of the members? Mr. Aaron Helleman.

9) The Coup de Grace. From 2004 to 2009, Mr. Helleman donated $765 to the Federal NDP. This information is public domain at the Elections Canada website but I have provided two screenshots below. The kicker here is that not only were larger donations made of $250, $150, $120, $100 and $50. But there were several $5.00 donations which were logged monthly indicating a pre-authorized donation plan.

Aaron Helleman's Donations to the NDP Party of Canada 2004 to 2006
Click to enlarge
Aaron Helleman's Donations to the NDP Party of Canada 2007 to 2009
Click to enlarge

In 2004, Helleman donated $400 to the Carleton-Mississippi Mills NDP riding association. This information is public knowledge at the Elections Canada website.

Click to enlarge

In addition, Helleman donated $400 to the campaign of Tasha Bridgen, NDP candidate in CMM for the 2006 election during the campaign and an additional $200 to the campaign after the election was over. Also public domain at the Elections Canada website.

Click to enlarge

But Helleman’s NDP roots are not only tied to the Federal NDP Party and Federal NDP Riding Association. He is also a big supporter of their provincial NDP cousins. In the 2007 Ontario Provincial Election, Helleman donated a whopping $600 to NDP candidate Michael Hadskis.

Furthermore, as recently as 2009, Helleman donated $110 to the Provincial NDP Party. This information is also public domain at the Elections Ontario website but we have provided a screenshot for you below.

Click to enlarge

So all told, he has donated at least $2475 to various NDP parties, candidates and riding associations and countless hours in volunteer time.

I think by now I have demonstrated that this municipal candidate is clearly a major supporter of the NDP Party of Canada and many of the policies of the left wing. So how could he “have no idea” on why he was tagged a lefty?

The answer to this is simple. Mr. Helleman is trying to hide his left leaning tendencies. In addition to the above information, we have backup data from sites like the Carleton-Mississippi Mills NDP website (currently down), (removed pages found via cache searches), and other sites that indicate someone is trying to remove posts and commentary that Mr. Helleman has made. This goes even so far as to have google cached pages no longer visible. Someone is going to painstakingly great efforts to remove these left leaning comments made by Mr. Helleman. Does he really think that removing a few webpages, printing blue campaign signs and misrepresenting himself on CFRA is enough to cover his orange roots?

But all this raises one further question. Why is he hiding his orange roots? The answer to that is simple. Kanata South is in Carleton-Mississippi Mills. This is the federal/provincial riding that has had a Conservative MP since 2000 and one who has won by a staggering vote count repeatedly. In fact, the last two federal elections had the Conservative MP win EVERY poll in the riding. It is also the riding that has had a Progressive Conservative MPP since 1977. i.e. over 30 years straight.

So the logic is there. Paint yourself as a conservative and hope no one is paying attention. But some of us who have been conservatives in this ward and riding for a long time ARE paying attention. And you, Mr. Helleman…are NOT a conservative and you ARE a lefty.


This week a group called OurOttawa sent out an email asking for support for their slate of 6 “progressive” candidates. (Note: progressive is secret code for socialists and small “L” liberals). The email included a flyer announcing a fundraiser for these 6 candidates, as well as a Powerpoint (which we converted to pdf for easier download) explaining the voting records of current council and why they are supporting these 6 new candidates. In this PowerPoint, (screenshot below) this group clearly states “We leave alone the progressives” and it displays the 6 existing councillors that are proven by the group themselves to support a leftist agenda. (Alex Cullen being on this list should set further bells ringing.)

Click to enlarge

Additionally to support item number 1) above, this group is promoting people who support a “living wage”. This means support of a price floor which is diametrically opposed to being a “market believer” which Helleman claims he is.

Supporting Links

San Francisco Proposing To Let ILLEGAL Aliens Vote

I would say this is the most insane, ridiculous concept that has come out of the San Francisco in a long time.

But what do you expect from the city that has declared itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens? Or the city that shuttles illegal drug lords around to bypass federal authorities.

At least they look to be backtracking on the sanctuary city now that they are entering the national fingerprinting program.

What I am thinking is that this is quite the example of bringing the mountain to Mohammed. All these illegal aliens lining up to register themselves to vote and get their names (and addresses) on a list. How convenient!!

Electoral Reform Reminder

This article (thanks Charles Adler for the link) is another reminder for me about how easily our own Canadian electoral system can be manipulated.  I have brought this up several times with friends, family, political allies, MPs, Ministers, etc.  Yet still our system is broken.

You see in Canada you are supposed to be a Canadian Citizen to vote.  Yet our system has so many ways in it that let non Canadians in to vote illegally.

1)  We have a vouching system.  This is when one person has no identification but has a friend who IS on the voter’s list there to vouch for them.  This helps create problem 2.

2)  Once you have been vouched for, you are now on the voting list.  This means the next election, you can then vouch for up to two people who may not be Canadian citizens.  This means that technically one Canadian could vouch for two friends.  One election later, those two non eligible voters could each vouch for two friends. (now we are at 4 ineligble voters).  And then in the third election, we are at potentially 8 ineligible voters.  This reminds me of the old shampoo commercial.  And you’ll tell two friends.  And they’ll tell two friends, and so on.

3)  The glue that binds all these together is the fact that you do not need to show proof of citizenship to vote.  This is simply ridiculous.

The law says you need to be a Canadian citizen yet it offers several ways for non Canadians to sneak in on the system.  In m y opinion,  you should be required to have your citizenship card or passport or a photo ID/Birth Certificate combination to vote.

That’s it.  That’s all.  Anything less to me is unacceptable.

The only way this can really be achieved is to either a) bring back enumeration or b) scrap the voter’s list completely and restart with the current list of provincial birth certificates and federal citizenship and passport lists.  Then EVERYone voting should be required to show proof of citizenship to get a ballot.

Is CBC Gunning For The Tories Already?

Below is an email sent from CBC Radio Ottawa to community associations all over the area. The bias is quite clear when you read the sections I have bolded below.

Hi everyone,
I’m an associate producer with the CBC here in Ottawa.

We are doing some research in anticipation of a possible federal election this fall.

The reason I am contacting community organizations is to find people with real life issues and stories that may be directly affected by whatever changes occur after a federal election.

To give you an example: if you know of someone in your neighbourhood or community who is struggling to find work, who is living off employment insurance or someone who didn’t qualify under the existing rules. Maybe you have a friend or relative who is dealing with legal issues and wanting or needing something to change under federal law. Perhaps you know of someone who is trying to bring family members into Canada from their home country and having trouble making their way through the refugee and immigration system. Or maybe you know of someone who is hoping to make a new life here but is running into obstacles such as having credentials recognized by Canadian institutions.

There are often stories like these that happen in our very own neighbourhoods.

We are interested in hearing these stories – maybe it’s even something that you yourself are dealing with, living through right now…

If so, please reply to this email and tell me about it.

We are striving to make election coverage about more than polls and percentages.

Community-minded people like you can help us do that.

I look forward to speaking (or emailing) with you!

(Name Removed)
Associate Producer
CBC Radio Ottawa

In every one of the sections bolded above, the request is for issues that are currently negative but might be discussion points or election issues. The implicit but clear point is that they are looking for situations that are negative under the current (Conservative) government. No where does it ask for issues that are currently positive and might be in jeopardy should the current (Conservative) government fall.

Some may say this is inadvertent, but I think the bias is pretty clear.

Why Does ACORN Exist?

Tonight’s episode of Glenn Beck’s show had some very important statistics about ACORN in light of the recent video being released of ACORN employees breaking the law.

Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on FOX News in the past 30 hours: 19
Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on CNN in the past 30 hours: 3
Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on MSNBC in the past 30 hours: 0
Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on ABC in the past 30 hours: 9
Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on CBC in the past 30 hours: 0
Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on NBC in the past 30 hours: 0
Number of ACORN workers fired since story aired: 2
Number of fraudulent voter registrations ACORN admitted to in the 2008 election cycle: 400,000
Number of states where ACORN is under investigation: 14
Number of ACORN workers arrested for voter fraud: 50
Number of cases that resulted in guilty pleas: 30
Amount of taxpayer dollars ACORN has received since 1994: $53,000,000
And the kicker…
Amount of federal tax dollars ACORN is eligibile to receive in the stimulus package: $8,500,000,000 (thats 8.5 BILLION)

But wait, there’s more:

Number of Republicans calling for investigations into ACORN: 67
Number of Democrats calling for investigations into ACORN: 2 (but one was Arlen Spectre who has since become a Democrat and the other was John Conyers who withdrew his request) so the real number is ZERO!!!

Those last two bullets are why America is OfficiallyScrewed.

Now you know why I was so angry when I saw that ACORN is growing in Canada.

Party Funding – The Only Logical Solution Is Screw The Bloc (Officially Of Course!)

In the Fall of 2008, PMSH toyed with the idea of cancelling the party funding formula that rewards each political party approximately $1.95 per year for each vote they received in the last election. Immediately, the three parties who squirrel away their funds in this manner cried foul and out of self interest they threatened to take the government down.

Well I have the short term solution that would a) bind the three national parties and b) spread the wealth in a manner that would minimize the threat of regionalism.

The formula for funding is below:

Funding = votes x $1.95 x (candidates that the party runs)
………………………………………………..(total number of ridings)

Thus the Green Party, the Liberal Party, the NDP and the Conservative Party would garner approximately $1.95 per vote which is about the same as the current formula. ($1.95 x (300/308) = approximately $1.90 per vote)

But a regional party, like the Bloc Quebecois, would only garner $1.95 x (75/308) or approximately $0.48 per vote. Considering the fact that Bloc is using tax dollars to promote separation, this nationalistic approach to party funding would probably go over well with the average Canadian.

Smackdown – Peter Van Loan Scores on Ken Dryden

From the “When will the Liberals ever learn?” file comes this video. Ken Dryden tries to play martyr by complaining that the Conservatives do not listen to the common man and are more in bed with corporations.

What amazes me is that Liberal Dryden asks these questions on the day the Liberal Party is attempting to hold an illegal fundraiser which skirts Elections Canada donation procedures by not providing tax receipts in an auction where “The Sky’s the limit” and one that encourages corporations and associations to bid on the prizes.

One of those prizes happens to be attending a Canadiens/Senators hockey game in the company of…you guessed it…Ken Dryden.

In a world where corporations do not care about tax receipts and are more interested in “what politician is in their pocket?” this type of fundraiser flies in the face of the new donation laws that limit donations to individuals and set that limit at $1100 to a national party and $1100 to riding associations.

Stephen Taylor caught the fundraising scandal but Peter Van Loan provides the Smackdown.

Click the video above once to begin play. If the video does not play properly, you can click the link below.

Liberals "In and Out" Of Hypocrisy … But Mostly In

After weeks of pummeling the Conservatives in Question Period alleging election fraud, the Liberal hypocrisy on the issue is exposed. When a motion in the house affairs committee is brought forward to expose the practices of all parties for the last two elections, they turn tail and run, preventing quorum and, thus, acceptance of the motion.


Click the above video once to view. If it does not begin playing shortly, you can try clicking the link below.

Liberals Flopping Like A Dying Fish On The Deck Of A Boat

I’m getting pretty tired of the flip flopping.

The Liberals WILL endorse the budget. Either some or all of them. They can’t trust that every Tory and every Dipper and Garth will vote for it.

And despite their sabre rattling, we all know they won’t take down the government.

I hope Jack Layton gives his dippers a free vote on the budget. I really do. I also hope the Clean Air act negotiations do NOT take us back in to Kyoto.