Justin Trudeau Suffers From Premature Ejection

Today Justin Trudeau tossed the Liberal Senators out of the party caucus.

Ask yourself why?  Do you think a party that had control of the Senate for 65 of the last 70 years  would be concerned?  Well there are two reasons.

1)  The Conservatives have been in power long enough to put a lot of Senators in the house and it may be decades before the Liberals have a majority in the Upper House again.  So in other words, it was fine when they ran the show, but now that they don’t Trudeau wants to change things.  Sort of like taking your ball and going home.


2)  After Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin had their names dragged around the mud pit for the last year, the audit on all the Senators will be coming out soon.  And it’s not going to look good for Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal Senators.  I am predicting that the Liberal Senators are the worst culprits of abuse in the upper house and that some may make Duffy and Wallin look like angels.

So what does Justin do?  He fires his Liberal Senate Caucus BEFORE we find out that they were naughty in an effort to distance them from the party brand.  But what Justin doesn’t realize is no one is going to consider them anything but Liberal and now he has gone and blown his load early.  If he had waited for the audit and then tossed this lot out on their ear after it is revealed that they were terrible spenders he would have looked like a true leader.

Ah well.  He still has his hair.