Happy Victoria Day and Happy 69th Birthday to Bob Dylan

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Victoria Day holiday.  

I also want to let you listen to one of my favourite songs by a man most consider one of the best song writers in history.

He has been covered by countless bands and so many of his songs were more famous when sung by others.  He has been covered in folk by Peter, Paul and Mary singing Blowin’ In The Wind in 1963 to one of metal’s founding fathers Jimi Hendrix performing All Along The Watchtower to more modern metal with Rage Against the Machine covering Maggie’s Farm and in a more mellow stream Norah Jones now covers “I’ll be your baby tonight”.  

Then we have Clapton and GnR each doing there own rendition of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and the White Stripes covering “One More Cup of Coffee” on their `1999 self titled album. Don’t even start me on how many Dylan tunes the Grateful Dead cover.

That, my friends, is widespread admiration.

Bob Dylan. Happy Birthday…Tangled Up In Blue

Liberal Leader Michael Zsohar Loves US Eh? (or is that U.S.A.)

Iggy Loves US eh

When I was a boy, I used to love “make-believe” and “pretend”. I would run around the house with a towel waving behind me pretending I was Superman or Batman, or I would paint a broken broomstick handle blue and have lightsaber battles with my friends. But the reality always came back to me when my mom would yell “Dinner!!”.

Liberal Leader Michael Zsohar hasn’t heard the dinner bell and continues on with his “make-believe” and “pretend”. I can see him day dreaming about meeting heads of state  or attending the G8 or G20 summits. I bet he even has furniture picked out for 24 Sussex. It’s really quite amusing for him and for Canadian voters.

From the CPC website:

On Monday evening, Michael Ignatieff told an elite group of Liberals that his 34 years away from Canada made him “more of a Canadian.” (National Post. May 18, 2010)

Are we talking about the same Michael Ignatieff who praised the United States, going so far as to call himself an American?

“You have to decide what kind of America you want…It’s your country just as much as it is mine.” (C-SPAN, June 17, 2004)
“I want to make it clear; there isn’t an anti-American bone in my body. I love the republic I live in.” (Sunday Edition with Michael Enright, CBC Radio, Sept. 16, 2001.
“I think that one of the ‐–‐ that almost the nemesis of American power is that we are deeply hated and simultaneously supposed to have magical powers.” (Charlie Rose Show, April 28, 2004)
Are we talking about the same Michael Ignatieff who repeatedly bashed Canada, its flag and its people?

Ignatieff told an interviewer that “the only thing he missed about Canada was Algonquin Park”. (Maclean’s, November 20, 2006)
Ignatieff described the Canadian flag as “a passing imitation of a beer label” (The Observer, July 8, 1990), and
Ignatieff said, “Quebeckers walk around with this fantasy of how different they are, but they are just North Americans who speak French…They take the minor difference and magnify it.” (Globe and Mail. April 2, 1998)

Fox News Legal Eagle Megyn Kelly Smarter Than Every Democrat, Obama, Mexican President Calderon, And 90% of Hollywood

Megyn KellyFox News Channel anchor and regular guest on the O’Reilly factor, Megyn Kelly, exposes those who oppose the Arizona immigration law. How so? She actually read the new law and compared it to the federal law. So what did she come up with?

Well in a 2005 Supreme Court ruling in Muehler vs. Mena, the highest court in the land ruled (in section 14 of the judgment):

.. the officers did not need reasonable suspicion to ask Mena for her name, date and place of birth, or immigration status.

The actual Arizona law states that someone cannot be questioned without reasonable cause so it doesn’t even go as far as the most recent law of the land. So to all the celebrities, moonbats, NBC guests, lefties, Democrats, and yes, even the POTUS Barack Obama, who have teased, joked, implied you could be out with your family for ice cream and this law lets them search you, well….You are ALL wrong.

The Federal Law is far tougher than the new Arizona law.

Nice Job Megyn Kelly.

San Francisco Proposing To Let ILLEGAL Aliens Vote

I would say this is the most insane, ridiculous concept that has come out of the San Francisco in a long time.

But what do you expect from the city that has declared itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens? Or the city that shuttles illegal drug lords around to bypass federal authorities.

At least they look to be backtracking on the sanctuary city now that they are entering the national fingerprinting program.

What I am thinking is that this is quite the example of bringing the mountain to Mohammed. All these illegal aliens lining up to register themselves to vote and get their names (and addresses) on a list. How convenient!!

One 4 The Troops

Just because they are all soldiers, they are patriotic, they are our friends to the south and they sing pretty darn good.

4Troops seems to be getting a lot of play and activity on the American networks these days. FoxNews this morning and Larry King tonight and a whole tour on the website. I say good on ’em and thank you for your service. I am a Canadian but I appreciate all that our Canadian soldiers do but I also really appreciate all that American soldiers do for the world too.

I hope these four go a long way to keeping that support for all the fine young women and men serving for the allies.

Musical Carts – Not Just A Novel Idea

Charles Adler has one of the most sensible minds in Canada.  He also has one of the most warped ones which is exactly why I enjoy reading/listening to his views.

First a snippet for you.

At some point, The Menzoid must’ve mistakenly wheeled away a cart belonging to another shopper. Although embarrassed by the error, The Menzoid didn’t want to hold up the line by making the cashier undo the charges. Thus, The Menzoid decided to pay for the groceries and take his misbegotten bounty home.

Trust me…it get’s even better. Click Here to read the whole post.